"Steelbodywork is the best, and most trustworthy, garage and bodyshop in San Antonio. I trusted them with my vintage 1961 Ford Thunderbird. They rebuilt my front end, installed a entirely new exhaust system, properly aligned and mounted my radial tires and chrome wire rims, attached a far better functioning battery and basically gave me the ride I've always wanted in my dream car. They did everything so quickly, and their work so far exceeded my expectations that I will never take my family's four vehicles anywhere else. Our other cars are from 2012-2014 and Steelbodywork can do whatever we need, regardless of make, model, or age. Take your Classic Car here or take your daily driver. Roger, Nadine & Team are the most professional and trustworthy people I ever met in the auto business. I trusted them with my Classic Car, you can trust them with your car too." - Robert S


"All I can say is that I finally found my to go auto repair shop. Nadine and staff are the most honest and friendliest people I have encountered during all my years of dealing with automotive repair shops. They recently went above and beyond in order to get the best price for an auto part we needed. They are very knowledgeable and their prices are reasonable. I will definitely refer them to anyone needing auto repair services" - Letty


"Steelbodywork is an exceptional place to take your vehicle whether it is a classic, antique, or daily driver. Roger is extremely knowledgeable and will thoroughly diagnose your problem and give you his honest opinion on what needs to be done. I took my wife's classic 96 Mustang to Steelbodywork, only after getting her permission to let someone touch her 25 year old baby she has owned since Dec 1995 as she doesn't let just anyone work on it. We were convinced the brakes needed to be replaced as we were getting a strange noise when driving the car. Roger checked out the brakes and determined they did not need replacing, then moved on to the wheel bearings and again ruled them out, and after test driving the car he believed the noise was coming from the tires which were 25 years old. He then thoroughly inspected the tires and determined the left front tire to be defective and the other tires showing similar symptoms. After hearing this, I explained to Roger that we have two sets of wheels/tires for the Mustang. One set that came with the car and a special order set of Mustang wheels/tires we purchased in 2008. I had recently put the original wheels and tires back on the car to teach my kids to drive so not to destroy the expensive wheels/tires by running over/hitting curbs while learning to drive. I told Roger that both my kids have their licenses and own cars now so he recommended putting the expensive wheels/tires back on the car. UNBELIEVABLE, he was absolutely right on; the tires were the problem. You see, he could have replaced the brakes and charged me accordingly because I was pretty insistent that they needed to be replaced; BUT HE DID NOT! HONESTY!!!!! This is not what I expected, because of my past experience of taking my SUV in for a "free" brake inspection at another unnamed auto repair place and being told I needed to have the brake pads, rotors, and calipers replaced for close to $1000. After questioning the technician and refusing to replace them, I told them to put my wheels back on and I will get a second opinion. At that point, the service manager stated they could just replace the brake pads and turn the rotors for $178 but could not warranty the work. Would you let someone work on your car after this encounter? I'm sure most people would not and likewise I didn't. THANK YOU ROGER AND NADINE FOR YOUR HONESTY, PROFESSIONALISM, AND EXCEPTIONAL TRUSTWORTHY SERVICE!!!!! I will be bringing all my vehicles to your business for any future repairs and Ihighly recommend them with your vehicles as well" - Bill


"Just left, and these are the most friendly & kind people. I had an issue with my door closing and in 10 quick minutes they fixed it for me like new. Tomorrow I will be taking my car back for a window repair. They are honestly the best and most fair priced I’ve come across, I’ve had a total of 4 estimates to fix my windows and theirs beat the dealership and two other mechanics. Most definitely going to be my new go to auto shop. Already referred my boyfriend for his car too!
Just simply wonderful is all I can say" 
- Sophia


"I highly recommend Steel Body Work! They did a fantastic job of repairing and painting my 1967 Ford Mustang. I was cautious about getting the work done because I have seen and experienced lousy body work at many places. Roger and Nadine impressed me right away, they were friendly and knowledgeable. Also, the shop was very clean and organized. I decided to get the work done and am extremely happy that I did. You can see the work they did for me on their website. I really liked being able to see the progress, as they posted updates regularly. They are transparent about their work and very meticulous. I will definitely be returning to them for additional work and referring them to others with confidence" -Michael


"Did a fantastic job replacing rusted floor and trunk pans on my 1969 camaro. Roger is a top quality craftsman when it comes to working on classic cars and he and Nadin couldn’t be nicer people. I will be using them again"- Ross


"These guys are awesome! Friendly, fast, and professional! Their prices are way below the competition. I'm bringing all my autos here from this point forward. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs good dependable auto mechanics"- Ray


"My check engine light started blinking on my way to work, I was sent to about 2 places before one of them recommended Steelbodywork. I came in and was greated with a friendly face, Nadin, I believe. She quickly knew what to tell the mechanic and they immediately found what my car needed. Nadine drove out to get the part my car required and they fixed up my car within an hour so I could still get to work.
The price was great, customer service was fantastic, and they even fixed my tail light blinker that's been bugging out for a year now.

Highly recommend and plan to come back for any future work on my vehicle"- Brittany


"I made an appointment at SteelBodyWorks on a recommendation from a colleague. I had a vague idea of what was wrong with my car, and they were able to diagnose the issue, explain how much the parts and labor would cost, and get to work on it ASAP. Nadine, one of the owners, texted me pictures along the way and explained to me the work that was being done. The prices were reasonable. They didn’t try to sell me any services I didn’t need—they fixed exactly what needed to be repaired and did so quickly and professionally. Nadine is wonderful to work with! I recommend SteelBodyWorks"- Erin





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